We are a mobile development team for building a new kind of apps.

We are committed to changing the usual software solutions.




We create new solutions, on new concepts to offer a high degree of customisation.

Based on a precise analysis of the users needs, we create a special software architecture to guarantee the best level of customisation. The new model includes both data management and the end-user interface.


Our solutions interfaces are based on 4 characteristics : clear, concise, familiar, responsive. The user can figure out intuitively how the application works.

The interface is designed to look familiar.

you know how it behaves, you know what to expect. 


Optimization is our main goal.

What does that mean ?

Our solutions reduce the number of actions necessary to get the desired result.

The User must be able to create what he wants as quickly as possible with the maximum of efficiency.



Our team is united by an unwavering passion for innovation in mobile apps.
With an user-centred approach to mobile app development, we develop smarter and friendlier ways for people to engage with technology.
We work closely together with the highest of standards to ensure our users always have their expectations far exceeded.
The creation mobile app with a new vision is our main goal, we want  to offer something different and innovative. A new approach to deliver mobile apps more intuitive and more efficient.


Logo Maker is a real new concept to create Logo, this App allows you to create logos in a fluid and natural way.

You are the person best placed to design the logo for your company, so why use intermediaries ?

Fully editable and customizable logo templates

Advanced design elements for more personalization

Fonts to create unique typography artwork

Save your logo for future edits

Use stunning pictures for background

Change color of items

Duplicate items

Move, scale, rotate items

dragging or pinching screen